Winfield Garnett: Downtown Columbus Revitalization Fund 2021

360 SPORTS, INC. (“360 SPORTS”), a Delaware “C” Corporation, hereby offers $300 million of PREFERRED SHARES (the “PREFERRED SHARES”, “SHARES”) in the Pro Athlete Business Accelerator: 2020 FUND (“2020 FUND”). The FUND consists of 6,000 Units at a Price of $50,000 per Unit. Each Unit contains 25,000 SHARES priced at $2 per share.  The Shares are planned to be evenly distributed throughout 25 pro athlete companies of which 15 athletes are currently in the accelerator.


February 15, 2021

Maximum Units (300) Offered:      $20 million

Minimum Units (1) Offered:            100 Units

Price Per Unit (1):                              $50,000.00

Minimum Investment:                     $50,000.00