Pro Athlete 2020 Fund


360 SPORTS, INC. (“360 SPORTS”), a Delaware “C” Corporation, hereby offers $300 million of PREFERRED SHARES (the “PREFERRED SHARES”, “SHARES”) in the Pro Athlete Business Accelerator: 2020 FUND (“2020 FUND”). The FUND consists of 6,000 Units at a Price of $50,000 per Unit. Each Unit contains 25,000 SHARES priced at $2 per share.  The Shares are planned to be evenly distributed throughout 25 pro athlete companies of which 15 athletes are currently in the accelerator.

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The Date of this Memorandum is July 18, 2020

Maximum Units (6,000) Offered:      $300,000,000

Minimum Units (1) Offered:              No minimum

Price Per Unit (1):                            $50,000.00

Minimum Investment:                      $50,000.00 (50,000 Units (1))



The PPM is available upon request by emailing us at


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