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360 Sports Investor Relations: Direct Rights Offering




With the upcoming launch of the Pro Athlete Accelerator Fund, 360 Sports, Inc. is pleased to offer you the opportunity to increase your investment in the Company through a Direct Rights Offerings (DRO). A DRO is a group of rights offered to current shareholders of a company to purchase additional shares in the company.

The DRO is offered exclusively to all 360 Sports, Inc. shareholders who are recorded on the Company’s Share Register as of 5 pm (EST) on July 17, 2020 (Record Date) at $1 per Share and will remain open at this price until Friday, July 24, 2020, at 5 pm (EST).

Future 360 Sports, Inc. Shares have been set at $20 per Share

By way of background, 360 Sports, Inc. has submitted a new registration statement to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that is pending and involves an offering of one (1) million shares at an increased price of $20 per Share in a “Tier 1 Offering” under Regulation A.  This means that this DRO is the last chance for investors to purchase 360 Sports, Inc. shares at $1 per Share.

Proceeds raised through this DRO will principally be used for legal, accounting, and tech-related expenses associated with scaling 360’s business operations. Full details of the DRO can be seen in the current 360 Sports, Inc. Shareholder Purchase Agreement. To purchase Shares please click here, or log in to the investor portal at

Your continuing support as a shareholder of 360 Sports, Inc. is appreciated.

360 Sports, Inc. Investor Relations
Office: 917-719-1360


360 Sports Inc is a vertically integrated company that provides full-service back office solutions to help athletes start, manage and grow their own businesses. 360 Sports was founded in 2005 and Incorporated in 2015. 360 Sports is one of the first companies to qualify as a Regulation A Tier 1 company. 360 Sports, Inc is becoming one of the leaders in full-service athlete management with the intent to protect athletes from losing their fortunes. 360 Sports partners with athletes, form a business partnership, and launches private equity funds with the intent to go public through mini-IPOs.

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